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Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Imagine?

Imagine gives you access to exclusive experiences, immediate rewards, and effortless payments unlike anything else. Imagine eliminates payment costs that are killing businesses in the United States, allowing them to pass savings on to you. Unlike Visa, Mastercard, American Express and big banks, Imagine cares about businesses as much as you. It's time to benefit from a relationship with the merchant, not a plastic card.

Imagine is a brand new payment network in the United States. We've built technology to provide you with the most secure, touchless and rewarding way to pay for goods and services at your favorite merchants. And there's more coming soon.

This is the last wallet you'll ever need.

Why is Imagine a more secure payment method?

Unlike conventional credit and debit cards, which were built based on paper and ink in the 1950s, Imagine was built in the digital era with security as a first principle. There is no card number to steal and no plastic to lose. You control when and how your money is spent.

Do I get rewarded by paying with Imagine?

Imagine makes buying magical. Be constantly surprised by rewards from all your favorite merchants. You'll always get more with Imagine.

Without charging merchants high payment fees per transaction, we enable them to surprise you with the best rewards you can get.

Is this another credit card?


We hate credit cards. They encourage you to go into debt and enjoy profiting off extremely high interest rates when you can't pay. We believe you should be in total control over your money and only spend what you can. Imagine is linked to your bank account and money is withdrawn after you make a payment.

For those times you need a little extra boost, don't worry, we've got you covered. We'll be launching a feature soon to allow you to borrow when you need it most while maintaining control over your finances.

Why isn't Imagine accepted everywhere yet?

We are a new payment network focused on delivering the most rewarding payment experience. To achieve that mission, we had to rebuild payment technology from the ground up to avoid being slowed down by old, clunky systems.

We are expanding rapidly every day and we encourage you to tell your favorite merchants about Imagine. Click here to Tweet now.

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