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How can I use Imagine?

As a user of Imagine, you can use the service to make purchases for goods or services at any merchant that accepts Imagine as a form of payment. You will know if a merchant accepts Imagine, as our logo will be displayed at checkout, or the merchant will be available on the Imagine mobile application.

The method of use depends on the type of purchase:

Offline in-store purchases

  • By scanning a QR code that a merchant presents to you at point of sale; or
  • By initiating a purchase using the Imagine mobile application and presenting the generated code to the cashier; or
  • By using the Imagine mobile application to display your unique code to a merchant so they can scan it

Online purchases

  • By clicking “Pay with Imagine” at point of sale at any participating merchant that accepts Imagine as a form of payment
  • By using your Imagine mobile application to make a purchase and enter the generated code you are given into the merchant’s checkout page. In some instances you will be prompted to enter the code as a gift card code
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